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Super Keto L-Carnatine

Super Keto L-Carnatine

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Slimming Discount

*Super Keto L-Carnitine Capsules*

Super Keto L-Carnitine contains two, highly efficient and pure forms of L-Carnitine:

*Tartrate* and *Fumarate*

It’s made for dedicated individuals who are looking for *professional* help to

meet their fitness goals.

Effective fat reduction in caps

A concentrated dose of 2000mg of highly-accessible L-carnitine tartrate in one capsule!

Drastically reduces subcutaneous fat deposits. L-carnitine is a key element of the last phase of fat decomposition

Effective protection of the body from reactive oxygen species

•Burns fat, support fat metabolism

•Immune function support

•Anti Aging and anti oxidant support

•Weight-loss aid that supports fat metabolism.

•Natural energy production.

•May support athletic performance, endurance, and recovery.

•Supports memory and focust


90% L-carnitine tartrate

Bulking agent – microcrystalline

Other ingredients

Vitamin A

Vitamin B1







Vitamin D3

Vitamin E

2000mg per capsule

This product has Vitamin A, therefore pregnant and lactating women should not use this product.

Not to be used under 16 years of age

Not to be used with any heart conditions

Dosage: 1 Capsules in the morning before breakfast


R120 courier

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