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Super Strong Secret Slim Pen

Super Strong Secret Slim Pen

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Slimming Discount


An injectable that helps obese adults and children aged from 12 years and above.

Helps drop weight and keep the weight at bay.

What the product does.

Helps lose weight

Helps control blood sugar levels

Helps control insulin levels

Helps with digestion

Regulates hunger(suppressing appetite)

Average weightloss with Secret Slim Pen

Clinical studies have shown that people who took Secret Slim Pen over a period of 56 weeks had lost 5 to 10 % of their body weight.

How Secret Slim Pen works

Regulates hunger and calorie intake,lowers hunger stimulation in areas of your brain, which acts then as a hunger suppressant

Helps digest food slower, which in return keeps you feeling full.

It also increases insulin secretion, this helps cells absorb glucose that is used for energy.

Decreases glucagon secretion in the body,a hormone that indicates to the liver to release stored glucose when blood sugar is low

The combined effects then lead to decreased blood glucose levels.


Adult dosage

Dosages are gradually increased as follows

Week 1- 0,6 mg once a day

Week 2- 1,2 mg once a day

Week 3- 1,8mg once a day

Week 4- 2,4 mg once a day

Week 5 -3mg once a day

Following no more than 3mg per day thereafter.

To be injected under the skin

Be sure to take continually everyday, preferably by routine.

*Children 12 year and older must be 60kg or more to use Secret Slim Pen*

Keep your Secret Slim Pen in refrigerator.

Please consult with your agent if you have any medical conditions,as well as medications in use, agent can then advise you whether the product is safe for you to use or not, as some medications cant be used with Secret Slim Pen.

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