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Super Thermo Burn

Super Thermo Burn

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Slimming Discount

Super Thermo Burn Capsules

This Super FAT BURNER capsules contains the Synephrine and Caffeine mix that is well known for its fat burning and energy benefits, together with the added Green Tea Extract and L-Tyrosine , this all-natural capsules enhances and prolongs the core fat-burning effects. To add to the effectiveness of this fat burner the Guggelsterones ingredients help to regulate thyroid function further, enhancing the fat-burning properties of the Capsules even more.

✅️Fast Acting Fat Burning
✅️Super Thermoburn 
✅️Thyroid Activation
✅️Super Extended Energy
✅️Increased mental function
✅️Optimized Workout
✅️Increased Metabolism


Take one to two capsules before breakfast in the morning & afternoon 30 minutes before your meal or before your training session. For additional energy, take two to three capsules before your training/event. 

‼️ WARNING ‼️:

Do not take this product 
🚫If you are pregnant or nursing
🚫If you have or have had low blood pressure.
🚫Not to be used under 18 years of age
🚫Not to be used with any heart conditions 
🚫Not to be used with High Blood Pressure (Unless its controlled)


•Coleus Forskoli
•Green Tea Extract 95%
•Caffeine Anhydrous
•Yerba/Finomate complex
Other ingredients 

30 Capsules 
Delivery R120

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