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Slimming Discount


Obesity goes beyond aesthetics and *increases susceptibility to health problems due to sup optimal metabolism*

Welcome to the world of *Apilean*

- *known as the Alpine Ice Hack* - *Increasing inner body temperature!*

This Himalayan product coming from the Alpines gives you the *revolutionary new direction of weight loss*

*Apilean* is the

- *only* product that employs this *method!!*

- first 100% *natural solution* for *burning calories* to adress the *scientifically -proven* root cause of *excess belly fat, slowing metabolism and obesity*

Low inner body temperature!!

*Stanford studies show that the more obese - the lower your inner body temperature is*

Confirmed is the fact that obese and overweight people do not tend to run *hotter* -

not feeling hot or cold but *the temp of your internal organs and cells!** *Thermo regulation is the key ,regardless of the environment!*

This product is ...

- Made of *exotic ingredients*

- Manufactured in a *CGMP* and supported by *FDA*

- No *side effects* or *adverse reactions*

- *Non* sedative

- *Non* habit forming

- *Affordable*

- *Improves* Core body temperature

- Effective *weight loss*

- *Supercharges* metabolic rate for *men and women*

- Harnesses body's *fat burning* capabilities

- Suppresses *appetite*

- Effortless *weight loss*

- Immunity *support*

- And most importantly

*Regulates and maintains* your inner body temperature!

Metabolism functions optimally at *37 degrees Celsius* to ensure *absorption* of nutrients, *digestive enzymes* to function properly for *carbs, proteins and fats* to be utilised and not stored as fat!

*For every degree Celsius drop in your core temp, you lose 13% of functioning Metabolism*

Please look at the incredible functions provided by the ingredients!

*Active ingredients and their functions*

*Citrus Bioflavonoids* ( fruit Citrus aurantuim)

- reduces oxidative stress

- stabilizes body temp

- protects against free radical damage

*Ginger Root*

(Rhizome/Zingiber Offianale)

- antimicrobial activity

- catalyses detoxification

- improves metabolism

- regulates body temp

*Tumeric Root*

(Curcuma Langa)

- antimicrobial support

- boost immunity

- maintains body temp

- accelerates metabolism

- promotes weight loss


(golden/brown algae)

- regulates body temp

- enhances nutrient absorption

- supports cognitive function

- fights ageing

- boost metabolism

*Dika nuts*

African mango seeds/Irvingia Gabonensis)

- anti obesity properties

- increases metabolism

- maintains cholesterol levels

- promotes weight loss

*Moringa leaf*

(Monga Oleifera)

- anti oksidant

- reduces inflammation

- ameliorates oxidative stress related damage

- maintains cellular health

- promotes weight loss

*Safety and health*


Not for *pregnant and nursing Moms*

Not for use with *Chemotherapy*

*Packaging and dosages*

30 Capsules

Take 1 Capsule a day before a meal with a glass of water.

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