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Semaglutide 3mg Gummies

Semaglutide 3mg Gummies

R750,00 Regular Price
R675,00Sale Price

Slimming Discount

*Semaglutide 3mg Gummies*

*Giving you the benefits without the inconvenience of injecting*

*Natural* and *sustainable* weight loss in an *easy chewable* gummy!

With the least amount of change to your normal eating habits , your body will let you know what and if you need to make changes to your diet!


Lowering *blood pressure*

Lowering *blood glucose*

Weight loss

Lowers risk of *heart diseases*

Lowers *cholesterol*

Diabetes *management*

*Easy* to chew

Reduces *appetite* and *cravings*

Increases *metabolism*

Real weight loss results of 2-5 kgs per week!

*Can be used with any of our other products…*

You may experience side effects such as

nausea , diaree , constipation but it is not a given.

*Packaging and Dosage:*

1 gummy per day

Packed as 30 Gummies

*Health and Safety*

Do not *exceed dosage*

Not for *Pregnant and Nursing Moms*

Clients using Diabetic Meds *should consult with their GP in advance*

*Simplify your weight loss!*



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